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Coressent - Envision Embedded
SMX v5 Released Jul 5th, 2019


 11/20/21: Blog

9/9/21: Achieving Full MCU Partition Isolation

 8/16/21: SecureSMX® Solutions

 3/25/21:  SecureSMX

More ...


smxRTOS | Kernel | File Systems | Networking | USB | WIFI

Processor Support | Evaluation | Manual | Customers

White paper: Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and SoftAP

SecureSMX® is our next generation, secure RTOS for Cortex-M systems , using the Memory Protection Unit (MPU). It supports v7M and v8M MPUs and now offers Partition Portals for strong isolation. This is a message-based calling mechanism that prevents clients from accessing any server code or data. SMX middleware has been modified to use portals, so for example, file system calls can be made without any access to smxFS code, data, or I/O registers by the client. Support for other architectures listed below is still offered from the latest codebase, but without MPU security. More ...

smx® is an advanced, hard real time RTOS kernel for embedded systems. It has been toughened by 30 years of use in hundreds of embedded applications. smx supports ARM/Cortex, ARM-M/Cortex-M, ColdFire, and other processor architectures, and can be used by itself or with other modules of the SMX RTOS... More ...

Processor Support: ARM RTOS        Cortex RTOS        ColdFire RTOS


RTOS using an ultra-lightweight kernel for microcomputers Read more

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Other μC3 (Micro Sea Cube) Product Family

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Source Code License Available

Since its establishment in 2006, eForce has been developing products with the key points of
“memory saving”, “power saving” and “lightweight network” necessary for IoT. Read more ...

What is the best software for IoT?

EForce is designed so that all software runs on a small amount of memory. Maximum performance can be achieved using a low-cost microcomputer. Even if all software such as TCP / IP stack, security, SD, etc. are included, it works with a microcomputer with 64KByte RAM.

RTOS using an ultra-lightweight kernel for microcomputers

μC3 (Micro Sea Cube) / Compact is a compact μITRON4.0-specific RTOS optimized to operate with only a small memory built into the microcomputer. Rather than configuring the source code directly, the included configurator performs RTOS, TCP / IP, and device configuration to automatic base code generation on a GUI basis. In Japan, there are many ITRON-specification OSs that have been used for the first time on ARM Cortex®-M cores. Read more ...

Free evaluation version (Evaluation Board Support List)

Plug-in for debugger

This is a plug-in for displaying various statuses of μC3 in EWARM and MDK-ARM debuggers.

EWARM plug-in for μC3 / Compact

EWARM plug-in for μC3 / Standard

MDK-ARM plug-in for μC3 / Compact



Demo Video
- SharkSSL
- NetX
- ThreadX
- Renesas YRDKRX63N Evaluation Board

如何選用適當的 Real Time Logic 軟件解決您的產品計畫

Visit Real Time Logic Website
Secure M2M & Embedded Web Experts

嵌入式開發人員從智慧感應器陣列到 web 控制的衛星導航系統, 這一切
都面臨了應用程式史無前例的速度更快, 圖形更豐富及具互動能力的需求.

嵌入式的網路裝置往往較小,資源受到到限制,並面對比較激烈競爭的市場. 且由於大量的機器到機器 (M2M) 通信,資料安全已成為支撐電網,建築安 全,運輸系統,工業網路及軍事和航空航太等嵌入式系統應用的重要關鍵.

Real Time Logic Barracuda 應用伺服器軟件能提供這些裝置強大的嵌
入式 web應用程式和 M2M 的能力. 通過賦予裝置之間的動態資料交換 的能力,Real Time Logic 將傳統的遠端裝置管理和控制帶入 21世紀. 研發人員可在建築及工業控制,消費類產品和軍事和醫療方面的產品, 創建 動態與豐富資料的嵌入式 web 應用程式,使系統具有企業級的安全,並經由 微控制器裝置來執行.

Real Time Logic 軟件提供模組化選擇,產品包括:
Application Server | Shark SSL | Pike HTTP | Barracuda Web Server | M2M Framework


醫療設備 | 軍事航空太空 | 工業控制 | 消費性電子

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Micro Digital Announces SecureSMX® Next Generation RTOS
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Mar. 25th , 2021

Friendly and Kenton Join Forces to Bring Cloud-Based Device Management to the UK View PR Feb. 1st , 2022

Micro Digital released SMX V5.0 RTOS
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ReadyNet Adopts Friendly's Device Management Solution for TR-069 View PR 04 December 2016

Friendly Technologies Laungches New Automatic CPE Problem Resolution Tool for TR-069 Device Management View PR 29 November 2016

Leading Provider of Water Service Management Solution Chooses Friendly Technologies View PR 02 November 2016

MapuSoft Technologies Honored for Export Success with Governor’s Trade Excellence Awards View PR Mar 23, 2016

New Release Of Porting, Simulation & Development Tools View PR Feb 17, 2016


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smxWiFi™ can be  can be ported to different operating systems and WiFi chipsets smxUSBD™ offers USB Device and Host stacks and OTG (On-The-Go) smxNS™ & smxNS6™ can be licensed alone smxFS™ can be licensed alone Small Footprint, Great Performance and more ... Flexible License Model, Source Code and No Royalty SMX RTOS with modulized middleware component options Focus on the key essential technologies required by developers to fulfill each product vision. Visit eForce Website in Japan Visit Micro Digital Website Visit eForce Website